Plan of water conservancy earthwork design software package
Convertible from various measuring instruments (GPS, total station theodolite, level, E500, mapping the elves, etc.) of the original data, automatic generation of standard format data file used by the cost of software package, so that the measurement in the field within the industry, work procedures, standardization.
Plan of water conservancy building design software package
Plan of water conservancy building design software package is developed for the construction drawing design of hydraulic structures, mainly includes three modules, namely: the structure internal force calculation module, reinforcement calculation module, reinforced CAD mapping module.
The figure of hydraulic retaining wall design software
Calculation of gravity retaining wall 1, Calculation of gravity retaining wall, half 2, 3, balance weight retaining wall calculation 4, cantilever retaining wall calculation Graphics and data correspondence, WYSIWYG, convenient and flexible operation.
Plan of land consolidation design software package
The plane on a topographic map automatic cutting profile and obtain status aspect fault data, the plane show, plane layout of piles, the plane coordinate annotation, according to industry data is automatically calculated engineering shop table plane coordinates, volume rendering engineering contour (toe line, line of excavation etc.).
The Ministry of water resources water conservancy fixed cost (budget) software
Chinese menu, dialog and Chinese Chinese prompt, friendly interface, easy to learn; completely out of quota work, use the directory tree and Fuzzy Lookup quota lookup function. the fixed price cost calculation and analysis of the fifth part independent fee table calculations are used Chinese characters variable formula, users stick out a mile, convenient and flexible.
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